We create this python script for fun to increase blog user view traffic on website through Tor Network i.e blog user view with different country IP address for every request.

Getting Started

  git clone or download Zip and extract it.
  cd Blog-Views-Bot
  chmod +x


  1. Linux operating system with python (Kali linux (or) other Linux OS) or windows with python installed.
  2. Python2.x or above must installed in linux or windows for this tool to work. Recommended is Python 2.x
  3. Install TorRequest Package for sending request via Tor using pip install TorRequest


  • Python 2.x or above
  • Tor Browser
  • TorRequest package

How it Works?

  1. Install and run the tor browser
  2. After successfully tor is connected, install the TorRequest package.
  3. Run:Python
  4. Enter your Blog Address i.e with Protocol(http/https).
  5. Enter The number of Viewers.
  6. Wait for few seconds, it will automatically make request to blog address with different tor ip address.

Demo Video


For Educational purpose only, We DO NOT take responsibility of any harm caused by this method to any one or any organization.