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FOOLS OF SECURITY are Information Security Enthusiast. We are an Open Source Knowledge sharing Platform Relating to Information security and its advancements

We Love sharing our Knowledge on Network, Web and Mobile Penetration Testing | Exploit Development | Reverse Engineering Malware | Virtual Machine Introspection (LibVMI) | WAF and RASP | SOC and SIEM | Governanace, Risk and Compilance [Check Here].

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Fools of Security

Security Fools were merged on!

May 2017

AppSec Product

Started Developing AppSec Product like WAF & RASP

June 2017

AppSec Automation

Exploring Appsec Automation with different technologies

August 2017 - January 2018


Exploring Security Automation and Implemtation in CI/CD Pipeline

February 2018

Windows Exploit Development

Fuzzing, x86 ASM, Shellcoding & Hunting for Zero-Day Exploit

June 2018

Malware Analysis

Reverse Engineering Malware

Feb 2019

Virtual Machine Introspection

Building a malware analysis toolkit using LibVMI

Sep 2019

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